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Acquisition Coordinator Posted Jan 11
The Walker Group , Dallas, TX
Real Estate Investment Firm looking to hire a hard-working, go-getter. We are looking to expand our purchasing department to respond to the over-whelming need on inventory for purchasing homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth cities.

If you're looking for a job that allows you to do some work from home and make tons of cash....this is NOT the job for you. Someone can make good money just doing what they need to do, but for someone that wants to take over everything and push, push, can make GREAT money, beyond what is advertised here. It is a lot of work though and will need someone that is a fast study, able to communicate effectively and accurately over the phone and in person; someone who isn't intimidated by people or the complex details of a contract. Below are some example of what you could expect being hired as our Acquisition Coordinator:

Using the skills taught to do research on an interested property towards connecting with the home owner

Being will/able to drive to the home anywhere in the DFW Metroplex for the purposes of inspection and closing the deal

Negotiating the terms of the purchase using the skills and techniques taught to you

Staying in touch often and regularly with the home seller past the contract point until the closing of the sale for follow up and additional information needs

Able to receive calls from other team members and potential sellers through the day, night, and weekend

The job does allow someone to work from home and construct their own work routine. Those that are motivated sellers of their home will contact you throughout the day, night, and weekend so you'd have to remain consistent and vigilant towards handling these sellers. You'll have to work at balancing out your own day to day activities to make sure that you're being productive. We'll teach you everything you need to know but the one thing we can teach you is how to be instinctual, creative, and ambitious. We're not looking for someone who is just looking for a job. We're looking for someone that wants the deal for himself and has big plans for the future. You don't have to have real estate experience or a license. If you're someone that fits the profit that I've explained and is ready to get SUPER busy, we look forward to hearing from you.

Let's get to work!

Work Hours: Full Time

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